RTC now offers a solution for industrial companies to collect, sort out and recycle their waste containing precious metals.

This recycling process is not exclusively meant to benefit the environment. It also provides resources which could often be utilized. Valorization of the scrap metal often generates substantial profits.
Being equipped with cutting edge technology, the transformation of the scrap is executed with the best possible care in order to optimize the value of the metals contained.
We treat and recycle all types of scrap:

  • Catalytic pots
  • Gilt
  • Electric and electronic equipment waste
  • Computer waste (processors, PCB, chips, microchips…)
  • (Industrial waste) baths
  • Sludge
  • Resins
  • Filings
  • Polishing
  • (Industrial waste) cloths
  • Filters
  • And many more…

Chemicals must be transported in registered and approved recipients that have been properly marked down. They must not, under any circumstances, be stocked or gathered in food or beverages containers. For safety reasons, these products may not be sent over through the post.

We buy back your scrap under agreements adapted to your needs and to the quantities that are available to you.

(In any case), we remain at your service for any further questions.


Respeito ao meio ambiente é um valor fundamental para a RTC. Temos o compromisso de minimizar o desperdício e evitar qualquer forma de poluição. Nós treinar e capacitar todos os funcionários para estes gestos importantes.
A cada passo da coleção para retornar um chamador está te ouvindo.

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